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Established in year 2013, HTH brand aims to enlarge your profit margin and help you to win more customers. Wide range of products ensures our offering one-stop service for you. HTH brand stands out not by lowest price, but cost-effective bearings in professional HTH quality and packing to make goods valuable. Regarding quality guarantee, all the manufacturers are qualified by ISO standard, and contracts had been signed to promise qualified bearings will be provided,  all HTH bearings will go through inspection before shipment.

We grow up together with our HTH agents, now HTH is quite popular brand in Turkey and Columbia, and our steps are moving forward.

● In 2013, HTH develops its first agent in Columbia and Turkey.

● In 2014, HTH bearings are available in different countries, such as Israel, Singapore, Morocco, Spain, Egypt and Holland. Sales amount reaches USD3,000,000 .

● In 2015, HTH develops partners in Iran.

To be our HTH agent, you can enjoy below advantages at one time:

● Good and stable quality bearings

● Competitive price

● One stop buying service

● Low minimum order quantity, 50~100 pcs per item possible

● Solid individual color box packing

● On time delivery

● 6 months quality guarantee

● Professional service by experienced team

● Considerate after-sale service